Happiness is only one way for you, there is no established way to get to reach your happiness, but in you the power to build making the right decisions.

The wonderful gift of life, for you have endless possibilities and opportunities to choose your dreams and make them happen, always remember that life is itself an opportunity.

Life is full of opportunities, and the proof is that every day must made decisions, but that’s not a problem, since you are born you do it consciously or unconsciously, something you probably already know, the question is: made the right decisions?

Made daily decisions should become experts in the subject, as experience in decision-making is what we have, but it’s not, and that has a very simple reason, usually made decisions that are not related to each other, not are part of a plan that does not lead us down the path of our happiness.

How to know whether they are correct?

Only you know what you happiness and what your dreams are, no one but you knows if the decisions are correct or not, I can tell you that until you are clear about where you want to go, and choose within that infinite sea of ​​possibilities gives you life, allowing you to achieve the greatest degree of happiness and achieve your dreams, you’re always on point, and will remain there until you choose.

How to know if my way to happiness?

You know when you’re clear about your happiness and you provide it, so every decision you made should head towards her, every decision is a small or large step in the direction of your dreams and you happiness.

Remember that no one can walk with you, maybe at some point walk paths with people who in one way or another are part of your life, and you of them, but you must understand that both your way, like it or it’s own distinct, do not pretend someone walk your way, because that is not happiness.

Understand that life is a gift with an expiration date, and therefore, one day the opportunity to live and build your dream ended, and with it the chances of achieving what you set out, you should not push yourself to stop construction in you own way.

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