Life is a gift and as such should be fully enjoyed.

If you fight for the dreams of others, you are doing a wonderful job, but remember that you came to be happy, and that your efforts should focus on achieving it.

What is the reason I ended up working for the dreams of others and not your own?

There are several reasons, only you know what that has done that work for the dreams of others and not yours, but I let you here some for you identify your reason.

Lack of self-esteem. Believing NOT deserve to be happy, and do not have the tools and resources necessary to achieve this, but others if they deserve it and if they can do it.

You’re a follower. We all have the ability to be leaders, it is a quality that we develop over time and that makes us the example for others, mainly because the leader often represents what the follower does not own, prefer to follow who you consider having qualities that you possess to not develop them in you.

Decision making. We have many dreams which becomes very difficult to choose one, and are torn between multiple possibilities but none became really prefer accompany who knows where it is going, and not decide where we go.

Consistency. Success requires a sacrifice, and the lack of consistency is one of the main reasons you decide not to work on your dreams, remember that you do not make a path with a single step, if you do not start to work your own way, you’ve sacrificed your whole life without realizing it.

Resilience. Learning from our mistakes, to overcome the feeling of guilt for having committed and have the capacity to understand that all learning has a cost that is essential to achieve your dreams, you prefer not to lose, and so you stay where today you’re not undertake anything new in your life.

Criticism. You are your harshest critic, but are not your main support. So hard you punish your mistakes by hurting your ego and self-esteem that stop your progress, and you prefer to criticize and support others to undertake your own struggle.

These are just some of the most common reasons identified and safe reading them because you’ve spent a large part of your life, helping to build roads to the happiness of other people, but not working on yours.

Do not judge yourself, does not get you anywhere doing so, we all make mistakes and capitalize on the learning that have left us all these years in which we have fought for the dreams of others, is a great start to begin the construction of our own way to happiness.

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