We live in a society that imposes paradigms, examples that are accepted by the majority, such as having a stable job, studying for a better future, marrying and forming a family, among others, but the social paradigms with which some feel comfortable, are a prison for those who do not think or feel the same.

It can take days, months, years or decades for people who are not satisfied to meet the parameters set by society to decide to be happy, change the paradigms on which they had established their life.

Undertake has to do directly with happiness, with growth, with advancement, with development, who stops his walk is lost from living valuable experiences and acquiring enriching knowledge.

When you make the decision to turn your dreams into reality begins an internal struggle, between what you have been taught and what we want to do, and external, because our environment generally does not agree with the changes we think we make in our lives.

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Leaving the stability of a job, the security of having a fixed money at the end of the month for the tasks performed, in addition to the benefits of a job, is not an easy decision, especially if we have a partner and children, however , is the right decision when you are not satisfied with what you do, and you are not happy in your work, that is why creating a plan is fundamental to not disassociate our finances, nor our family.

To change the comfort of living in the house of our parents, for the independence and freedom to have an own apartment,

In the mind of the entrepreneur play a fundamental role of self-love and faith, understand that we deserve what we want, and that we have the capabilities and will to achieve it is something that should be clear, when we embark on the road to our goals and dreams .

The way will be full of efforts and sacrifices, but it is in the faith, to know that everything will come out as we expect (because we work daily and dedicate our resources and effort to it), the fundamental tool to maintain concentration, constancy and discipline in the activities that will lead us to achieve the desired goals, goals and dreams.

Obtaining the necessary mental strength is achieved through an internal process, in which we reflect on our life, what affects us and want to obtain in it, what stops us and what we are deserving.

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Success in the tasks and activities that we develop, and that will lead us to achieve what we have proposed, comes from an internal construction, first built inside us and then the results will be seen outside.

Being a successful entrepreneur requires developing a large number of tools to reach the goals proposed, it is not only about creating new businesses and businesses, being an entrepreneur is also facing new challenges, new jobs, new training, learning languages, travel, among others; an entrepreneur is always looking to get out of his comfort zone, expanding his knowledge and acquiring new experiences.

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