One of the most important gifts we have received, is the time that we have every day of our lives, knowing how to use each second in the right way, it is very important to achieve what we propose.

How to Handle the Agenda and the Notebook Correctly?

Establish the activities we want to perform daily, weekly and monthly, is very important to maintain not only the constancy, but also so that our life is so organized, that time reaches us for everything we want and must do.

To do it properly we need an agenda, a notebook, a pen and markers.

The agenda will be used to schedule all the activities, commitments, appointments and events, that we will carry out, during the day, week, month and year, there we will highlight with a marker the activities that need to be confirmed as appointments, meetings or activities.

In the notebook we will write down all the tasks that we have pending, and that are generated from doing our daily work, when we are finishing with the pending task, we will highlight the tasks already concluded.

We can also use our smartphones, tablets and computers to organize our agenda and reminders of tasks.

Some devices are synchronized with each other, calendar activities and reminders of the pending tasks that we have added in each one, adding alarms that notify us when the time and date set for each activity approaches.

There is something we must be clear, time is a valuable gift for all people equally, so being punctual is respecting the time of others, something that we must also begin to demand from others for ours.

Learning to be punctual is very important for our future, globalization has allowed people to relate easily, and that has positively influenced business.

The unpunctuality in some cultures is penalized economically, and is a reason for mistrust and the termination of contracts and commercial relationships.

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