Author and international speaker on Success, Change Management, Peace, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Personal Branding and Happiness.

Their slogan is “Supporting people and organizations to lead their own change.”

It is part of:
• 3% Most Influential People and brands in Social Networks worldwide. (Source: KLOUT)
• 1% top rated experts talking about peace worldwide. (Source: KLOUT)
• 1% top rated experts talking about Personal Branding worldwide. (Source: KLOUT)

He has been an entrepreneur, a university professor, consultant to various companies and organizations, speaker in public and private events, and forming internal trainers, partners and teams in companies with higher annual revenue to one billion dollars and more than one thousand employees, activities that have enabled it to positively affect the lives of thousands of people.

He represented Colombia in July 2011, at the First Summer School “Economic development model of good living Ecuadorian and prospects of Latin American integration” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of the Republic of Ecuador.

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He was chosen to participate on the cover of worldwide advertising from 2013 to 2014 of the San Diego State University – SDSU ALI (California, USA). University attended the School of Extended Studies, and currently represented in different events of Education in Colombia.

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His book “HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM NOTHING”, attended the Scientific Dr. Jorge Reynolds Pombo as author of the prologue, who is recognized worldwide as the inventor of the first external artificial pacemaker with internal electrodes.

“HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM NOTHING” it is used in universities and educational institutions such as supporting text in subjects from different areas.

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He participated in the 27th and the 28th International Book Fair of Bogota, the 28th Guadalajara International Book Fair, attended as invited to the Awards Gala in Mexico City on December 10, 2014 the First Latin American Contest “An idea to change History “Channel the History Channel, among other interests and attendance at international events.

Currently travels frequently to different countries of the world giving lectures, attending events and promoting his works, he writes his next book and articles for various media in countries such as Colombia, United States, among others.