Author, Speaker and Philanthropist

For several years he has been recognized as one of the most thoughtful and influential writers and speaker on life, love, success and happiness.

He dedicates his life to supporting people, companies and organizations to lead their own change, standing out as a lecturer for his ability to involve the public in the development of their conferences, valuable content, dynamism, simple language and practical examples.

He has knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur, university professor, consultant of companies and organizations, advisor to public figures, manager trainers, managers, internal trainers and work teams in companies with annual revenues of over one billion dollars and more than ten thousand employees .

Represented Colombia in July 2011, in the First Summer School “Model of economic development of Ecuadorian good living and prospects for Latin American integration” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration of the Republic of Ecuador.

He was chosen to participate in the 2013-2014 world publicity cover of the San Diego State University – ALI SDSU (California, USA). University that he attended in the School of Extended Studies, and currently represents it in different Education Fairs.

Currently, he travels frequently to different countries of the world, participating as a speaker at prestigious events, meetings and congresses, writes his next book and articles for different media in the United States, Spain, Colombia, among others.

  • Member of the Spanish Association of Mentoring and Consulting. (AMCES)

  • Member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council. (EMCC)

  • Honorary Member of the International Chamber of Speakers. (CIC)

  • Top 5 Influencers in Education and Training in Spain. (Source:

  • 1% of experts most valued in life training and personal improvement worldwide in social networks. (Source: